Experience the transformative power of MC Tech Computer Companies, the unrivaled pioneers in evolving technology. Since 2004, our visionary group of engineers has redefined the market, delivering high-quality sales and services in audio-video, security equipment, and system integration. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we push boundaries, exceed expectations, and shape the future of technology. Step into a world where possibilities are endless, as we unleash the full potential of evolving tech, revolutionizing industries and empowering businesses. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards a brighter, tech-driven tomorrow.


The acivity scope of the company includes:
→ Research, Design and Realization of complete information solutions in business administration, economy, education etc., as well as all subsidiary activites.
→ Consultancy, Service of Information Technology system, audio video & security systems and system intergration
→ Software and Hardware intergraitons of these systems


→ Quality - MC Tech computer invests time, money and resources necessary to ensure the desired quality and growth in terms of rapidly evolvoing market
→ Service - only by understabding the needs of its customers the compnay can provide high quality services
→ Efficiiency - the compnay belives that the best way to provide its people with the oppotunity to learn and improve is to provide its people with the oppotunity to learn and improve
→ Innovation - log term success can only be assured by cultivating new ideas